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Villa Spa

Ahuzat Bellagio
Villa for Holidays and Events in Moshav Zecharia- near Beit Shemesh.in the villa: 2 bedrooms .... .
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Don Raffaello Mansion
Don Raffaello - vacation villa with 7 rooms and a private swimming pool in North reservations and promotions enter ...
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Grand Royal
Grand Royal - Amazing villa in the Western Galilee! Luxury villa accommodation and a perfect holiday!
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Villa Dolev
Villa Dolev - The great city of Eilat offering you a luxurious holiday villa...
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HaBait Bamoshva
HaBait Bamoshva- Luxury villa with Jacuzzi spa, six double bedrooms, swimming pool and more. for details
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villa monsoon
villa monsoon is located in Ein Yaakov which is next to Nahariya. the villa contain: indoor heated swimming pool...
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HaAhuza Eilat
HaAhuza Eilat - Very luxurious villa and holiday events. 6 bedrooms, swimming pool ..
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Ella Sun Resort
Ella Sun Resort- 3 luxury holiday villas in Eilat, each villa contains a large Jacuzzi, pool and much more .
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Ellat HaKinneret
Ellat HaKinneret – luxurious villa in the north of Israel. The villa is designed for holidays and special event.
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villa Jo
Villa Jo - Luxurious villa in the Western Galilee with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, pool table and more...
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Gal villa
Gal villa is located in the great city- Eilat! If you're looking for a great vacation with a lot of fun...
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Ahuzat Yahav
Ahuzat Yahav - Luxurious villa for holiday events in the north of Israel. The villa you will find ...
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Pinna Bakohav
luxury villa for every type of event! Birthdays, bachelorette/ bachelor party, pampered day
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Villa Dell Sol
Villa Dell Sol - Stunning holiday villa in Tel Aviv for families, groups, couples ...
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