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Don Raffaello Mansion
Don Raffaello - vacation villa with 7 rooms and a private swimming pool in North reservations and promotions enter ...
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Ahuzat Yahav
Ahuzat Yahav - Luxurious villa for holiday events in the north of Israel. The villa you will find ...
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Ella Sun Resort
Ella Sun Resort- 3 luxury holiday villas in Eilat, each villa contains a large Jacuzzi, pool and much more .
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villa monsoon
villa monsoon is located in Ein Yaakov which is next to Nahariya. the villa contain: indoor heated swimming pool...
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Gal villa
Gal villa is located in the great city- Eilat! If you're looking for a great vacation with a lot of fun...
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  The Luxurious villas collection
The "Luxurious villas collection" includes 5 suites in each villa, very spacious living room, large dining area…
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Pinna Bakohav
luxury villa for every type of event! Birthdays, bachelorette/ bachelor party, pampered day
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Villas in Israel


Villas in Israel – the most advanced resort website for villas and lofts

Welcome to israelvila.co.il. On our web site you will find the largest variety of luxury villas that will suit you for your holidays, vacation, parties or special events all over Israel. Either you were planning a vacation or a private party; you are in the right place. All you need to do is search between our categories and click on the right villa. For example: villa for a family vacation, villa for bachelor-bachelorette party, villa for couples, and much more.

Our goal

Israel Vila is very advanced and sophisticated website which allows our visitors simplicity and ease of  access. We have categories for every type of villa, location, budget with fixtures and fittings so it will be easier for you to find your requirements. Our goal is to give you the information that you need in the friendliest and most effective way. Every villa has its own mini website where you can find a gallery, so as to get information about the villa, contact details, occupancy and comments. We are committed to maintaining a high level of quality and every villa that we recommend is certified by us.

Resort villa in Israel

Isrealvila.co.il contains variety of villas all over Israel. You may rent the villa for a single night or more. During the winter time rentals can be longer, longer if you are staying more than few days, this can be a great solution instead of a hotel. Each villa contains luxury bedrooms, accessorized kitchen, huge dining table and living room. Outside the villa you can enjoy from a private swimming pool and spa area.

Lofts in Israel

Loft is a kind of a studio, an open space which usually contains a hot tub, accessorized kitchen, seating area, bar, pool table, karaoke and more. Lofts are usually located in an isolated area so your party won’t interrupt anyone and you’ll be able to celebrate till dawn. The loft designed for private parties such as bachelorette-bachelor party, birthdays, wedding proposal and more.

Price range 

Due to seasonal demand, prices can be higher in certain times of the year. If for example, you must be here for Passover, or can’t miss the Israeli summer you may know that the price can be higher. But during winter time you’ll enjoy a great vacation and a great price! By the way, the Israeli winter is in fact sunny most of the time!  The price range during the week is between 1800-3000 per night, during the weekends it can be 3000-8000 per night. The prices are determent from several factors: quality of the villa, amount of guests, season and more.
Available villas
You can easily check if the villa you want is available, just click on the calendar on the website and it will show you.  Responsibility for updating the calendar is done by the owner of the villa. If you find a mistake please notify us ASAP on - 077406599 

 Customer service department

Israelvila.co.il have a full customer support department, which is available 5 days a week to answers all queries and questions you may have relating to your vacation. Service is for free and we are more than happy to help and advice you.
By contacting us, please note that you agreed to receive offers and future correspondences. If you’re not interested, please email us to info@vila4u.com and we will remove u from our email list. Terms and conditions may apply.